Think about what the word “revise” means:  to see again.

When you write something, it’s a good idea to put it aside for awhile.  Studies have shown that three days is optimal, but I realize most of us don’t have that much time.  If you can put space between you and your work even for a few hours, chances are you will come back to it with new eyes. Sometimes when I have done this, my reaction has been, “I wrote this?”  And I don’t mean that in a good way.

Never write in anger. Especially if you feel you have to write a critical piece, I urge you to put it away for as long as you can before sending it.  Think about the person receiving it; try to anticipate the reaction.  It might be a good time for some judicious editing—or deciding not to send the piece at all.



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2 responses to “Editing/Revising

  1. Totally agree on both points, though I have written letters in anger then never sent them. And that felt good.


    • I’ve done the same thing, and you’re right: it does feel good. I have even been tempted to send the zinger I’ve written—but after sleeping on it I realize that I would only demean myself.

      Thanks for reading my blog; I appreciate it.



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