The Trouble WIth Auto-Correct

A friend e-mailed me a photo of her new kitten, a beautiful little guy she found in a plastic bag on the beach.  (Can you imagine what kind of “person” could do that? Me either.)

In writing back to my friend from my iPad, which has auto-correct set to ON, I wanted to say her tiny kitten was “purrfect.”  Yes, I know it’s corny, but there you have it.  Every time I wrote “purrfect,” auto-correct decided I meant “putrefaction.”  It took me several attempts to finally rid my screen of that putrid word.  Imagine if I hadn’t been proofreading and had sent that e-mail as “corrected.”

I do like auto-correct when it fixes obvious typos I’ve made, but I (and you) still have to proofread carefully and slowly, making sure we are not inadvertently sending embarrassing messages.  I know entire websites exist that are devoted to auto-correct’s wacky fixes.

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