When my husband and I hear mispronunciations on television or radio, we swivel our heads toward each other and “tsk.”  Sometimes we even “tsk tsk.” Here are some culprits that trigger our “tsk” response:

EX cetera  It’s ET cetera.  Surprisingly prominent people say EK.

EX presso  Look at the word the next time you’re in Starbucks.  It’s ES presso.

EX pecially   Again, say it as it is spelled:  ESpecially

Supposively   It’s pronouced as it’s spelled:  supposEDly.

Relator   A person who sells real estate is a REALtor:  Real tor.  This is not hard.

Nucular   Please!  It’s NU CLEAR.  I cringe.

Jewlary  Ever seen it spelled like that?  Then why say it that way?  It’s JEWELry.

Aks   It’s spelled ASK.  It’s also pronounced that way.

Liberry   LiBRARy.  Don’t be lazy.

Febuary   FeBRUary.  See Liberry.

Send me your favorites.  This topic could go on forever.


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