How Much Do You Care?

You often hear people say they “could care less” about a situation. Think about those words. If you could care less, then you are saying you do care to a certain extent right now.

If you “couldn’t care less,” you are saying you don’t care at all right now, so caring any less is impossible. This is the amount of caring you want to state.


I have a problem, and I’m hoping one of you techy people might be able to solve it for me.

Along the right margin of this blog is a sidebar. In that sidebar, I want to have links to the writing tips I have already sent out. The links there now are just to what I have already written about on the blog in this past week. I cannot figure out how to have links to the old tips without putting those tips into the message space on the blog. I want you to be able to click on the link and be taken to the entire message. I have gone to the forums and searched for how to do this but am coming up blank. Any ideas? You have no idea how much I will appreciate any leads you can give me.

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